Silrathus 2013 (now with WIPs!)

Click for readable (700kb)
or for just a bigger Silrathus (375kb)

I hope the complexity of her markings isn't off-putting. I don't expect you to copy every stripe (I certainly don't intend to), just follow the general gist and direction.

Changes from before:
- Removed the slight spikiness from her collarbones/wing anchors. No-one drew it and it was so slight I'm not sure why I put it in.
- Lengthened the claw-y bits on her hoofs, so they're a little like chicken spurs.
- Added more bulk to her. She was always supposed to have this build; I've just got better at drawing.
- I think her dark grey markings don't spread as far as they used to. I didn't notice that until I compared the 2013 and 2012 refs. Whatever, it's canon now.

There's something displeasing about the composition of this ref sheet and I don't know what. I'll tweak it if I think of anything.

Old refs for comparison:
2012, 2011 (I still like this one but the design is unnecessarily complicated), 2010, 2008

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Murgatranthes 2013

Click for readable (1.2mb)
or for just a bigger Murgatranthes (330kb)

Don't feel you have to pick colours out of the ref. Choose a blue you think is pretty and then base the paler and darker variants on it. It's all good.

Changes from before:
- Made her a prettier (in my opinion) and more crystalline blue.
- Got rid of the white sclera. It makes her eyes less human and more amenable to toony expressions if desired. (I'll phase these out on my other characters who still have them.)
- Got rid of the paddle-like bits at the ends of her wing struts. I'll leave things like that to artists' own styles.
- Changed the claw-y bits on her feet a tiny bit. They're slightly goaty now. I was going to remove them altogther in the name of simplicity but she looked a little odd without them.
- Her chitinous parts are no longer void-black, just normal black. I thought the reflecting no light thing was rad as hell, but people commented that it looked weird because those parts were completely unshaded and stood out.
- Made her slightly more rotund, just because.
- Made her tail a bit thicker. Everyone drew it that way anyway, so I just made it canon.
- Oh, I guess I changed the shape of her tail fluke, too. I didn't realise until just now when I looked again at her 2012 ref. I'll leave it as it is now - if I forgot what the previous version looked like it can't have been that strong a design.

Old refs for comparison:
2012, 2011, 2010 (I hate this one), 2008

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